Give voice to your artistic talents

A full day immersive workshop
for artists and creatives  
to take you and your art to the next level

Welcome to the “Give voice to your artistic talents” workshop. 
We will explore several tools and methods to amplify your creativity so you can go from frustration to creation 
and share your work(s) of art with the world!

Through a step by step process, with the support of the group, we will practise different creative exercises (physical, vocal, breathing and also writing) so you can gain more confidence in your own creative process, and learn new ways to connect more easily with your inspiration whenever you need it. 
Part of the workshop introduces how to structure the creative process so you can finish what you start.  

Take a full day
to connect with your unique way of being creative!

Is it time to become the artist you know you are inside?

Do you have an unfinished short story or song in your cupboard; or the first three scenes of a play or dance piece? 
Maybe you already have a completed script or a collection of photographs that nobody but you has yet seen. Does this sound like you? 
Are you yearning to embody your artistic identity? 

Let your creativity shine and start giving voice to your talent?

When & Where ?

28 August 2022
from 10:00 to 17:00
at Kultur Fabrik Langhuus Haus

Price & booking

Early bird: 
If you book before the 21.07.22,  you get a 20% discount  – pay only 90.- CHF

All bookings after 20.07.22 are 115.- CHF

Kultur Fabtik Langhuus Haus offers us the option of a home made meal for lunch break for 10.- CHF

Book by sending an e-mail to
with your: name and phone number and saying if you want the lunch option at Langhus. 

Payment methods: PayPal and Twint

Details for the day

Language: The workshop will be in English. Translations in French and Spanish will be available.

What to bring with you ? 
Comfortable clothes, earphones, your mobile (you will use it for some exercises)

Faculty of Invention, Imagination,


Each person is an EXPRESSION OF A VITAL ENERGY. Everyone carries and is carried by the organic wisdom of life.

All that is needed is to listen and let yourself feel what is present in you. 
Our sensations and emotions lead us to discover our deepest desires. And this awareness unlocks the required energy to take action. 

Creative energy is constantly in motion within us, it pushes us to creative expression, it brings inspiration. 

Steps on the creative path

some or all of the following

Remember what you already know 

Activate your skills

Validate your feelings (learn to)

Dare to give space to yourself

Learn to trust, contain and channel your creative energy

Listen to your inner voice

Define the form of creation you want to achieve

Create: mastering structure, improvisation and discipline

Structure your project

Launch your project 

Reiterate: cycles of refinement and improvement 

We restrain our creativity when we surrender our personal authority and power to outside factors. 

  • By nourishing myths around creativity such as “Inspiration is something magical that you can only wait for”, “A meaningful piece of art is something that always comes as an evidence”, etc.  
  • By believing that others have more right to express themselves, because they have had training in one or more artistic disciplines. 
  • By recognizing negative judgments others have made on our performances as always true. And then by internalizing them so that even when these people aren’t there, we continue criticizing ourselves. 
  • By comparing ourselves to others, rather than measuring our own progress. 
  • By letting fear paralize us. This can be fear of rejection but also of being accepted, which would require us to modify our perception of ourselves. 
"Marian is a very skilled and competent coach, her structured framework, pragmatic approach, and human touch had a strong impact on my work”
Social worker
"Meeting and working with Marian was a turning point in my activity, and also in the way I look at myself."

Make your life your most beautiful work of art, amplify your creativity

About me

I have been writing since the first time my mum put a pen in my hand and somehow taught me the alphabet.  I composed my first song when I was 7 years old BUT despite the fact that I felt and knew my path was to explore and express creativity through art, I at first took another professional direction, working as an educational consultant and trainer. This led me to work with teams in the area of public education where I specialized in work management, finally becoming an ombudswoman. 

I always continued creating art on the side, and it was after one concert where I felt pure joy with my fellow  musicians  and the audience that I finally decided to quit my job to fully dedicate myself  to art. I knew music and art are the channels through which I can connect with others  in the most spontaneous, joyful and authentic way. Since then I’ve continued to enjoy the endless process of creation. 

Every time I have the chance and the honor to accompany another creative person towards her or his work of art, I am reminded of how wonderful humans are, even more when they dare to connect with their inner art.

Marian Crole