Music to celebrate the present moment

Marian Crole and Elio Marchesini give a great importance to space, silence and listening. Three essential ingredients, specially nowadays, to reconnect with yourself and take inspired decisions.


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The inspiration behind Memories

Do you remember?


Before learning?

The union, Communion.

My body remembers.

Is it a light?

Nicolas said: “Yes, seeing people’s faults is sometimes painful” and I tearfully replied: “But I only know how to see the light beyond the faults.
I have always felt that when the tree is cut down something in me is cut apart, that the caress of the wind under the bird’s wings carries me too. And over the years, countless artists have tried to convey this impression through their art.
I could write for a long time, say that I like Jung and that cornerstone of his work: ‘the collective unconscious’. I could say I believe that, without us saying anything, without us doing anything, our experiences feed each other and that just because we are part of a whole.
For me it is evident. But for any two people what is evident can be very different ; it is a personal perception. ‘‘Evident’’ emerges from experience and not rational concepts.
There is beauty when, within a group, a community, a species, a planet, these perceptions are shared.
“Memories” expresses that feeling of carrying infinity in oneself, feeling overwhelmed at times, in a world where too much noise prevents us hearing in ourselves:
the step of the elephant, the song of the whale or the feverish heart of our neighbour.


I’ve got memories of home
when everything was light,
when everyone was free
and only could be
These sweetest memories
when we could speak from within
With no people spending doubts
This feeling so strong inside
from far beyond time
Memories of light
I walk in an endless dream
with a restless hope
there’s only truth to feel
I hear the longing of each soul
craving to unseal every hidden gift
I’ve got the keys to the sky
All written on my skin
Why does it feel so tight
If I’ve got the keys to the stars
All under my skin
Shouldn’t I feel life
I can’t read in my own mind
There’s too much noise going around
I can’t feel in my own heart
I feel like an orphan child
With memories of light
I want to feel in my own heart
All the strength locked inside

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