A mantra to relax

As I’m lying enjoying spring days, I’d like to share with a few mantras I’m using every time I feel I’m getting tense into resistance and that I want to (re)connect with my body getting a feeling of ease. Hope they’ll be useful for you too J

Here’s the first one: I am grateful for the perfection of this moment.

Ok, easy to say when you’re witnessing an amazing sunrise, or enjoying your favourite hot chocolate. In fact in those moments, you don’t even think, you just feel, and that’s far enough.

« I am grateful for the perfection of this moment » is meant to be helpful when your body starts being tense, and your mind wanders around, picturing what should be different, better, more this, less that, etc. instead of just being HERE. When your bus is late, when your kid didn’t do what you asked for, when your friend is not as happy as you wished with the movie, when you still haven’t received an answer to that e-mail, when it’s too cold or too hot outside, etc, etc, etc.

« I am grateful for the perfection of this moment » it’s a reminder about the fact that, if we want, we can rest in the acceptance of life just as it is. A reminder about the fact that we don’t see it all, and what to our limited vision in time and space can seam broken or “bad” might just be a door open for life to flow from this precise instant to the next one.

« I am grateful for the perfection of this moment » may be a way, believe it or not, to tell to your mind, stop wanting, stop craving for a change, just take things as they are now.

Let me know how it feels if you try it these upcoming days. J

By the way, if “perfection” is a word that makes you feel tense, let’s find your own version, like “I am grateful for the beauty of this moment” for example.
 I have to say, the last few times I used it, suddenly, I saw a butterfly flying next to me, or I noticed a flower through the window … Open your will to see beauty and… suddenly, it might get visible…