Have you ever wondered what a cup of tea, the mountains and the ocean have in common?

Marian Crole certainly would have an answer, as she grew up nourished by the influences of her own diverse origins. She writes and sings in the three languages of her upbringing: French (Switzerland is her country of birth), Spanish (Uruguay, her maternal origins), and English (British on her paternal side). She invites you to step on board and sail in a multicultural world.

Join Marian on a journey where she celebrates the beauty of what arises in the encounter between people and music, in a blend of freshness and intensity with soul and magic.


“Music is an instant way to form a bond between people and open to the love that is meant to arrive”


Public said:

“A jazzy elegance, a simplicity that is only apparent, and a poetry magnified by a wide and dense voice”

“I felt like a cozy atmosphere of a Grand Palace … as the ones we see in the movies (because I do not frequent the palaces!)”

“Despite the fact that I can not understand the language, your voice touches the heart.

“It’s a shared feeling as a cocoon of light, but not a creepy light where everything is pink! rather a light of hope and understanding » 

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