Money or Love

What if?

I believe, It’s all about having the right question, not the right answer. We don't need other’s answers, we need the question that leads us to our own holly personal answer. So what if...

Edward Vilga, this man knows about good questions. 

It's been a year, since I started following his programm. 
A few days ago, as the programm is reaching to its end, the question was: what has changed in the past year in your life? 
After reading this one, other questions poped out of my mind. 

such as… 

What if you were loved? What if you were truly loved? Deeply and safely loved? What if there were nothing you could do to avoid it? What has changed on the past year?

I've accepted the truth that I'm loved.

It came to me through different people in my life, and different experiences, and yes I am loved by human beings. But the love I feel from them is that kind of love that comes from further, it doesn't simply comes from their personalities, it comes from ahead, from beyond. And when I feel I am loved, it's not only by these special human beings, nor by myself, it's also by something bigger. 

It reminds me that feeling when I reached the top of a mountain in Iceland. We could see ice all over till the horizon, I felt tiny and so powerful in the same time. Tiny and humble because I was being able to witness such magnificence, and powerful and blessed because I was being part of it. I guess life is all about that feeling, and that consciousness. It's not about loving someone, or being loved by someone, it’s about being in love, as if you were in a river, it is being the river itself. 

I’ve heard that “you can not love someone if you don’t love yourself” 

Today I’d say: it is because I accept this love that is given to me, in every piece of life I’m given, that suddenly, it crosses my mind, I can be that too, I can be that flow for others too.

And the link with money?

Oh yes, there was a question about money too.

What has changed in my financial life?

I've accepted: 

First: that money is part of the game down here, and that I better treat it right and recognize all the beautiful things it allows me to create for myself and for others. 
Second: that value is here at every and each second and that there is a price to unlock it. That price is: opening, damn truly opening, letting my heart being streched out. 
Third: it's not about money, it's about love, it's about not putting a price to my love, nor other's love. 

Wait a minute, she said nobody needs other’s answers, so why is she sharing hers? Haha… because I’m a happy child that just found a new star in the sky, or a funny plant in the garden… and I felt like sharing it… 

And I wonder... what if you were unconditionally loved each and every day?

Much love to You!