The Song Stick to Love

The little story behind Stick to Love
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I always like to think that before landing on earth, while we are sitting on the clouds, we could fill a form. It would be like a form before entering a training, there would be plenty of themes: helplessness, injustice, magic, love, resourcefulness, etc. and we could cheerfully check the themes that we would like to address over a lifetime. We could even choose the level, like "introductory course" or "average level" to "expert".

With my enthusiasm, I've always pictured myself ticking all og the themes, and of course with the desire to develop expertise in all areas.

Haha ...

If there is a check mark I made, it's the one on the love box.

And when you join the class on the first days, so motivated to dig into learning "Love", and you realize that many of your classmates have chosen something else ... it's sometimes discouraging ... but here's the lesson ... stick to love ... as long as it's the theme of the course ... or the theme of life ...

With love