the well known I love…

Ok, this is a classic one. Which depending on the interpretation can lead to the illusion of being alone on earth, totally disconnected from others, you know that stuff called “individualism”. Still, I’d like to look at it as a useful mantra for honesty toward ourselves and therefore toward others.

My second mantra is: I love myself. Haha, yeah, I know not a big scoop for a mantra…


Picture you are in front of someone special for you, your brother, your possible next boss, your possible next employee or colleague, the barmaid, the school director, etc… Picture you are sitting there, looking at this person with not an inch of self-doubt, not an inch of fear, not an inch of lack. Wouldn’t it feel nice? Wouldn’t it make you instantly available for yourself and for the other?

If you could be there totally free of that burning desire to be loved.

Well that’s the idea. « I love myself » as a statement for “I am already feeling secure under my skin, in my own body and spirit”, “I am NOT considering my interlocutor as the possible provider of any missing thing in me, because nothing’s missing”.

Yeah I know, some part of your brain might say: “I’ll never need a mantra, I don’t care for what they say, nor for what they think about me”, “I can deal without their approbation”, “I don’t give a fu**””. Well let me tell you, these are just excuses. If it’s really not a (big) deal, then where does the need to say it loud comes from? Heu?

I had my own personal beloved excuses such as “will you stop with all this self-development bullshit stuff please! “

Yet I tried the “I love myself”.
 And suddenly as I heard it in my head, I felt my body relax, I started listening to the person in front of me with attention and joy again, because I didn’t need anything else than just being there enjoying it.

Free your imagination to phrase it your way. My recommendation is to keep the “I”, it helps to take responsibility for it.

“God loves me”, or “The Universe loves me” or “Miss green frog from granma’s garden loves me” are cool ones… yet the idea is to have a mantra YOU stand for not someone else.

Another tip I like is: use an active phrase. Not a passive version such as “I am loved”, “I am cherished”, “I am venerated as the emperor of my bedroom”, again these are fun, but they are passive.

About “I am love”, or “I am pure love” which are well known ones… I’d say sometimes “Love” is vague.

If you really love this version, you can try to get it more specific, who knows something like “ I am that love that feels warm and sunny, that radiates joy all over me, that travelled from my face and my smile to my neighbours eyes, that gives me the power to achieve my homework and the tenderness to help the old lady in the street. “ but this might ask too much energy to your brain. Here we’re going for useful, concrete and rapidly available to your neurones stuff, so keep it short. Even if “I love the insulin running through my veins as I just ate my favourite chocolate cake” would be accurate and true J

Let’s try it and keep me posted, I’d love (action verb) ;-) to know what YOUR unique version is!