Tears of freedom

I’m crying. Of freedom. Has it happened to you ?

I’m feeling the grips of fear unholding me. I can even see its hands disappearing afar.

I’m crying of recognition. Embracing this thing we call vulnerability, I would call it truth.

Feeling life expanding in my cells as I continue feeling safe, feeling home inside my being.

What has she drunk ? Smoked ?

Humanity. And that’s how it feels. To me. I’ve drunk humanity, I’ve been witnessing projects such as @shanti_bhavan and @wiser_international, community, humans who stand up for beauty, care, justice, equity, and as I see them, and as I share also with others about how we see our role, our function in society, words such as « vessel » come up, and at last… at last I touch a reality that I can and want to understand and relate to.

Deep inside, I never swallowed that stuff about life having to be hard, human nature being mean.

I still don’t, and never will. We can create situations where the energy of life in people is blocked, denied, stohlen so much that violence becomes the ultimate survival option. Not because it is innate, but because we create the conditions for it.

Yeah, I hear you… « look at kids they will beat one another if you let them »…

Yeah, I will respond, « look at us, we chose to trust, uplift, and help. »

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