Could we be together ? Once and for all ?

I found a lizard in the garden today, lying still on his back. I felt a flow of sadness, for his beauty. I could see the perfect blue lines, the precision of his little claws.

The word service came to my mind. Then the lyrics from @youssouphamusik ‘s « mourir mille fois »,
meaning to die a thousand times. And all in once : the perfection and beauty of the dead lizard, the conversation with a friend and those lyrics came in together.

I wondered when, how did we become indifferent at a point where we can not be together anymore.

I know solidarity is present, I’m talking about something else.

I’m talking about care, compassion, and communion, about this feeling that allows us to recognize the life we’re carrying in the beauty of any other being.

This feeling that sets the bar higher, higher than
shrugging our shoulders with « I can’t do anything about it ». Oh, how long can be the list of « I can’t do anything about it », food industry, homeless people, my neighbor’s conflict, my inner conflicts, etc.

Maybe these times apart are times to re-learn how to be together from another place.
From recognition, from the heart, from service.

Not only together with our family, the people we know, those practicing the same religion, not only in between humans but further, together in life, with life in all its forms, free from comparison, from the competition.

Together not as in “next to each other” but together as “connected”.
in service of life’s harmony.

And as we embrace all these forms of magic and life without rejecting them, with gratitude for how they express life, maybe then we can embrace every little part of what we are.

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