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The story behind the song and its lyrics

Golden Leaves is a song about emotional release, trust and resilience. 

It came to me one night, as I was walking under the rain, leaving my one room apartment. A loved one was going through a severe mental health crisis, and I was hosting this person. I tried sharing the space but after a few weeks it became too difficult, so I decided to let this person my place for the time it would take for them to recover. 

As I was walking under the rain, going to a friend’s house to spend the night on her sofa, these words came to me “Tonight I’m weak” and there was a feeling of relief that came with it. 

Accepting moments of feebleness is not something we are encouraged to do but in reality acknowledging what we are feeling, no matter what it is, is always the first step to reconnecting with our strength and ability to act. 

Golden Leaves is one of the songs I keep singing in concerts, even though its first version was finished many years ago. Each time this song tells me something new, something about how to come back to my center. 

I hope it will help you come back to your center each time you need it! 

Golden Leaves

Tonight I’m weak
Feeble and scared
And I would be please
If this time you stayed

As a rock against the waves
As a flame in the snow
As a friend giving me a hand
To get on well with my soul

Before the soil goes gold
With fallen leaves of gold
I need someone to hold
Before my last goes

Before my head goes dark
And my world falls apart
I need someone who sees
What is still real in me

Tonight I’m here
Fragile and tired
And I’m asking you please
To stay by my side
I’ve been walking for too long now
Going up and down the same road
And no matter what’s to come
Will be better than this sorrow

We all loose ourselves in lies
We’re mistaken this is no life
We say we’re rich
But got no time

Tonight I wish
For an open mind
For a humble spirit
To let be a new humankind

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