Give voice to your artistic talents

Intensive 1:1 accompaniement
for creatives
to take you and your creativity to the next level!

be it to transform your ideas into a concrete realisation, be it to finish your work of art that you already started, or to finally show your creations to the world : 

A made-to-measure coaching accompaniement to walk with you through the creative process, give you the tools, methods and confidence you need to go to expand into trust and flow! 

  • 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Personalised exercices  
  • Access to a follow-up between sessions via chat, I’ll be your accountability partner.

Through the whole process you will learn new ways to connect with your intuition, discover  how to channel your creative energy and thrive functioning with more than just your rational mind .

Time to follow your creative inspirations

Let your creativity shine
start giving voice to your talents

Just send me an e-mail telling me: what time zone are you in, what day and time is suitable for your discovery call and what would you like to focus on. Looking forward to connecting with you! 


« I contacted Marian because I needed guidance with a very personal creative project.

Marian took me virtually by the hand to allow me to take a few steps of this ascent.

Put myself in condition through self-centering exercises, reflect on the meaning of the project, formulate, reformulate, re-reformulate, explore through the body, through discussion and through writing.

Without forgetting to nourish me with exercises between sessions and to motivate me with the essential WhatsApp reminder: « So, are you making progress? « . Prod oh, how useful!

The first stage race has been completed.

With this experience where I put my guts on the table, between laughter and tears, this exceptional woman, who has an infinite toolbox and guidance as sure as a lighthouse in the night, has become more than a coach. , a creative sister!


« These 3 sessions of creativity coaching with you set me in motion…

Something hurt in my childhood and adolescence is being healed thanks to your way of accompanying me to meet my creative energy.

I can talk about my blockages, it’s important to identify them, to share them…it frees me and gives me space to go beyond.

I was also able to spot what I experience when creativity is there naturally.

Thanks to your simple and personalized energizing targeted proposals, I am in the process of discovering, taming my creativity. I realize that I can wake her up, invite her. »


Creating art can result in (re)creating yourself and your future.


Each person is an EXPRESSION OF VITAL ENERGYCreative energy is constantly in motion within us, it pushes us to creative expression, it brings inspiration. 

All that is needed is to listen and let yourself feel what is present in you. 
Our sensations and emotions lead us to discover our deepest desires. And this awareness unlocks the required energy to take action. 

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I book a call to explore if this is for me

How it works:

We’ll share a creative no obligation call where we will talk about where you’re at now, what are your inspirations 
If you want to go ahead after our conversation, I will share details about time commitment, price, payment plan and scheduling the beginning of our work. 

Just send me an e-mail telling me: what time zone are you in, what day and time is suitable for your discovery call and what would you like to focus on. Looking forward to connecting with you! 

Feel the good vibes of your creativity amplifying! 

Not sure you’re ready for a  1:1 coaching accompaniment? Other alternatives are available, check the group below ! 

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About me

I have been writing since the first time my mum put a pen in my hand and somehow taught me the alphabet.  I composed my first song when I was 7 years old BUT despite the fact that I felt and knew my path was to explore and express creativity through art, I at first took another professional direction, working as an educational consultant and trainer. This led me to work with teams in the area of public education where I specialized in work management, finally becoming an ombudswoman. 

I always continued creating art on the side, and it was after one concert where I felt pure joy with my fellow  musicians  and the audience that I finally decided to quit my job to fully dedicate myself  to art. I knew music and art are the channels through which I can connect with others  in the most spontaneous, joyful and authentic way. Since then I’ve continued to enjoy the endless process of creation. 

Every time I have the chance and the honor to accompany another creative person towards her or his work of art, I am reminded of how wonderful humans are, even more when they dare to connect with their inner art.

Marian Crole

Make of your life your most beautiful work of art!