Come join me in my artistic life and let's share inspiration

Imagine that you have just taken out of the oven a butter braid with fondant chocolate based on a new recipe. It smells good: you’ve used flour from the village mill (the wheat grown in permaculture); there is cinnamon, brought to you from India by your brother; you’ve been wanting to adapt this recipe for weeks to make it your own. This braid is for you, because it reminds you of Sunday mornings at your grandma’s, but above all it is made to be shared. It is made to be served at a large table around which guests would laugh and taste different kinds of home made jams, the smell of coffee mingling with the scent of spring coming through the window.

It wouldn’t cross your mind to take this braid to the main crossroads in the centre of town, among all the traffic where the only smell is that of gas. What an idea, to sit there, your braid on your knees, waiting for a hurrying driver to grab a slice from you and swallow it while driving, without even tasting it.

This braid has value and it is made to create even more value, through sharing.

My music, the collaborations that chance and commitment to art allow me to develop, the words on the keyboard and the stories of my quest are like this braid.

I want to create with you a space to taste flavours and scents. Where every time I record something, write lines, I think of you, I know you’re there.

I have decided not to put my music on platforms anymore (Spotify, Itunes, etc.). A few singles maybe, a few videos but not the heart of my work. Because today it would be like going to sit at a crossroads and wait for the attention of people who are just passing by, not there for a moment of conversation.

So, it is with this in mind that I have decided to launch this subscription service. To invite you to take a seat at my table or join me on the sofa if you prefer. There are plenty of inspirations ready to be served to you.

Subscriptions options:

Coffee member 4.50 USD/month

Thank you for your support! You will receive VIP newsletters, blogs, behind the scenes video and work in progress videos. Your name at the end of each new video.

  Brunch member 16.- USD/month

Thank you for your support! You’ll receive everything from the « coffee subscription » plus a download of all previously released and upcoming music.

Gourmet with dessert member 24.90.- USD/month

Thank you for your support! You’ll receive everything from the « Brunch subscription » plus access to live online concerts and all previously released and upcoming books. 

Your subscription

You regularly receive exclusive content *only accessible for VIPs*

the opportunity to discover new artists: through my international collaborations, such as with Elio Marchesini percussionist in the symphony orchestra of La Scala, Milan

a background sound to create, a song to unwind or an emotional journey thanks to upcoming releases: singles, albums and books to download

life anecdotes and stories of encounters to remind you the value of experience, through my texts « Journal of a creator »

poetic texts to accompany your own quest

an opportunity to dive into the artistic process thanks to podcasts about the research behind my art work

the chance to give your opinion and depending on the project your name associated with the work (for example give your opinion on the covers, see your name in the credits of the next clip, etc.)

*all content is only available to members (except albums and some singles which will be partially accessible outside of the membership on bandcamp in paid form)

Through your subscription

you support an improvement in the quality of production. For example, by making it possible to have additional resources on a video shoot so that each person can take care of a single function at any one time. (It is difficult to be creative when you are trying to manage the lights and the camera at the same time!) 

Better production quality will allow more people to enjoy it.

Your affiliation creates connection. This precious link that every artist needs, like the resonance box of a guitar that allows the string, once plucked, to diffuse its note.

Your participation fuels research. Yes, in the age of the internet, there is still knowledge that you cannot find online but in books and that has a cost. And there are train journeys to meet a colleague and create in person – not everything is possible on zoom 😉 .

And let’s be transparent: your subscription also funds coffee and pasta.

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It makes the difference!

Example of exclusive content: 
Collaboration with Elio Marchesini

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