I am part of the privileged ones. Those who grew up in the right country at the right moment and have enough money to get themselves a passport, the « right » one to go back and forth from one country to another.

I grew up having my dad in one continent and my mum in the other for several years.

Money wasn’t always there to buy the flight tickets so it happened that I didn’t see one of them for long periods of time, BUT I had access to
phone calls, letters and e-mails, I knew for sure I was going to see them again and that they were safe.

What is happening today on the planet with migrants is total nonsense, it is heartless and REASON WITH NO HEART IS A DEAD END.

Too many migrants have their futures and their hopes limited by administrative deadlines.

Stuck in one country without being able to reunite with their families. ⠀
Politics say « we » are trying the best to find a global solution – by the way, I wonder how inclusive is that « we » ?.

Sometimes it is good to remind oneself: Hey, you say you are doing your best, but we both know it is not enough! We can do more!

So today I want to invite all of you to take action.

How ? A few starters :

When you are speaking with someone who has not the same mother tongue than yours and is learning your language, be patient and do your best to understand.

Don’t put that « I don’t know what you’re talking about » look. You and that person have a big thing in common : a heart.

Remember it.

If you have a neighbor or a new colleague who just arrived to « your » country, take the time to tell them, explain.

Don’t expect them to know beforehand the rules of your culture and your place. From how to greet someone in the street to how to fill his or her taxes
declaration. Take the chance to teach.

And if you want to take it to the next level: let them tell you, share with you a song from their country, share a poem from one big artist of their culture. Accept that you don’t know.

Let’s stop questioning from our ignorance trying to confirm that what we think is true.

Let’s take the chance to learn.

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