Waves, minerals and freedom

What I like about Cornwall is that « waiting for the wave to come » is a common practice, due to the high concentration of surfers.

The other day, Mike Brett told me that he felt he had reached the end of the maturation phase of his art and was finally ready to share it.

It’s rare that I find myself talking with artists who take care of their rhythms and talk about it.

In Cornwall I spent a lot of my time with Dom, he’s twice my age and I literally can’t keep up with him when we go for a walk in search of minerals. I feel like a bulldog lacking exercise running behind a chamois. Dom is one of those people who make the world feel in its place. I met him at the exhibition on mines and minerals that he himself organized, what I do every time I go for a walk with him: learn to see beyond appearances.

So between my conversation with Mike and my old age facing Dom’s youth, combined with the eternity of the waves in front of me, time presents istelf with new facets.

How much do we want to harvest before letting time for things to grow?

A life of abundance is a life of surrender”. 

This phrase heard somewhere a long time ago, keeps coming back, especially when I’m reminded about my dimension by the space in front of me.

It’s crazy how small we can be when we don’t accept being held and carried by life. 

Life has its ways revealed as we follow them.

One day a friend wrote to me terrified because he was going to play on the main stage of the San Juan festival. I know this feeling well. Fortunately it doesn’t happen to me anymore, but for years going on stage was, for me, like going to the guillotine.

That day when he was terrified, I told him: “Fear is love unexpressed. ». The sentence came like this to me, probably as an answer to both of us. 

And since then, when it’s me who writes to him in S.O.S. mode, he repeats: « You’re scared because you care » – you’re afraid because you’re concerned, because that matters to you.

I finished a musical soundtrack for a performance of the painter Serena Giorgi and it brought back a spike of fear in me. 

I’m still terrified by the power of the waves I ride sometimes and by the sensation of ease that come with them, by the power of creation.

Wait for the wave. Ride it and when it crashes, wherever it is, turn towards the horizon, not towards the coast. Take some distance. Wait for the next wave. Ride it.

It is not the freedom of the soul that scares us – we are made for it – but knowing that it follows the waves of eternity.


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