Mental health – The guardian of my heart

This month is dedicated to #mentalhealth. First, I recommend you to
check @brains_and_brushes.

Second, let’s bring up my British side, if you check @kensingtonroyal there’s an article about the ‘Heads Up’ campaign, the initiative harnesses the power of sport to get more people to feel comfortable talking about their mental health.

Third, a few lines I wrote for the occasion:

I’m the guardian of my heart.

My heart is a place of light. It knows no pain, no limit, no darkness.

How ironic is it to have landed in a world that uses the expression to « fall » (in love) to speak about the experience of feeling love…

Love is our point of origin. And if we fall somewhere, then I bet we fall out of it.

Each time I give space to anger, disconnection or judgment in my heart, I’m falling out of love. Which by the way, I shouldn’t make a big deal of. I’m learning.

I wish I could have said : « I’m sad, because we’re falling out of love in this fight » each time I’ve felt angry or scared. Sometimes I did. Sometimes it took me one second, sometimes it took me 10 years. And there are still a few fights I don’t know how to bring back to love…

I guess it’s easy, it’s a decision. Here. Now. Easy to say, sometimes so hard to do. To be honest, the little human I am is sometimes angry at herself for this weakness of disconnection and forgetfulness.

I am the guardian of my heart, blessed mission of mine, to keep seeing the truth in a world where till today blinded opinions are still too often the loudest ones.

This month is the month for #mentalhealth. I wonder … a part from being able to think…and I suppose also being able to deal with emotions… any chapter on : standing in our hearts?

Because I know many of those who have « lost their minds » were just trying too hard to stand in their hearts without having any clue about how to do so… in a world that thinks we fall in love when in reality that’s where we already are…

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